We are endowed by feelings, full stores of emotions, but sometimes a buyer is missing. We want to be endlessly loving, to be „walking in the air“. We are passionate puppets, but we have cunning whims, as well. Infinit competition of desires and dreams. Tenderness is our weapon. Naivety stumbling block. We are tottering among moments of self-confidence and doubts, sovereignty and triviality. Subsequently, we want to analyse them within the circle of confidents, then still narrower circle of confidents and finally – we recognize that we cope with all that best by ourselves. The youth is longing, the old age remembering.

The film FOLDS OF TOUCH is based on performance STORES FULL OF EMOTIONS as an intergeneration experiment investigating womanhood inspired by authentic memories of an old lady – the choreographer´s grandmother. Camera follows 4 female dancers, eight-year old little girl, and 89-year old grandmother on the stage while performing. It is document of the play yet fiction of women’s lives in the real time.