*No VFX were done for this video. All animations were created practically with projection mapping*

Equinox is inspired by the concept of the two faces: the face you show the world and the face of who you truly are.

We constantly wear this first face as a mask to deceive the world so we can get places. We want to be likeable and approachable to climb social and professional ladders. We can’t be honest and truthful about the thoughts that go through our minds as there is a constant fear of judgement that haunts us.

Oftentimes this gets exhausting. You feel like you are losing a sense of your identity, a sense of self. The fear that you won’t be accepted if you reveal that second face to the world. So it lies in the shadows, wanting to get out but never quite breaking free.

It is this duality of self that this film aims to capture through body movement and light. In Equinox, the contrast between the naturalism and simplicity of the day with the surrealism and intensity of the night is synonymous with these two faces.